Anesthesia Delivery, Patient Monitoring, And Arterial Blood Gas Samplers

(Limb-O Ventilator Circuit, Abg Syringes, Pressure Infussors,Disposaview , Bacteria Filters, Hme & Hepa Filters,Broselow,Laryngealscope Blade, Greenlight Handle, Face Mask, Adult/Paed/Infant Resuscicator, Respigard, Hmef Mini Filters And Paeditric Circuits).

Filtration & Transfusion Technologies

(Leukoreduction, Microaggregate Blood Transfusion And Salvage Blood Filters)

Life Science Products | Cytiva, formerly GE Healthcare Life …

The Industry Standard In Adult Stemcell Processing-Sepax 2-Fully Automated Cell Processing System Worldwide And Regenerative Medicine

Emergency,Medication, Anaesthesia Medical Trolley And Furniture

Medical Therapy Couches And Bed Chairs And Shockwave Therapy Systems

Blood Bank Equipments

(Bag Press, Sealer, Mixer,Plasma Extractor)

Chemo Pump/Desferal Pump/Drug Pump/Battery Operated Portable Pump

Bloodstor Freeze Media

Detro Air-Spray

With Detro San Air, – disinfection of environment by pulverization in critical areas such as operating room, intensive care, burning unit, infected patient rooms, laboratory and all public areas such as home, office, factory, school.

Nosogard™ Infection Control Filters And Ultra Pure Water Filters

More than 20-category products and Medical devices

Dimar is biomedical field, specialized in the production and marketing of highly innovative biomedical devices for the treatment of Acute Respiratory Failure (ARF) and Non Invasive ventilation (NIV) technologies.

Molecular Products is the global market leader in the design and manufacture of carbon dioxide absorbers for the removal of carbon dioxide during anesthesia. Our medical grade soda limes are available in a range of pack types including twin packs, cartridges, pails, bags and in our pre-filled co2ntrol canister.

Medinet Srl distributes top quality medical supplies and medical equipment for health care facilities. Medinet is a wide range of high quality medical supplies and equipment suitable for different fields of application, such as: surgery, medication, respiratory line and more.

We cater the needs to all group are blood bank, critical care, anesthesia, emergency care and laboratory. It actively sources and provides innovative solutions to its customers. We do have our product such as: